Scalp pigmentation Prices are always determined for each client specifically. Every client is different and has specific needs. Therefore we recommend our clients to book a consultation to establish the cost for their treatment.

We do have a general structure for our prices which is based on the Norwood Scale and areas to be treated on the scalp. Prices vary from around €800 up to €1,800 and in the case of total alopecia this can be up to €2.500 These prices are only rough guidelines. If a person's hair loss is a number 6 on the Norwood Scale (above) then the price could be around €1800. A number 6 on the Norwood Scale is 3 areas front, mid-scalp (top) and vertex (crown). If only one area, say the crown needed to be done then the price would be around €800- €1000 again depending on the size of the area to be covered. Scalp Pigmentation Prices will vary from person to person and are calculated on an individual basis as most people have huge variations in hair loss and the areas to be covered can be very large or small depending on the individual. A consultation is essential to get a clear and accurate estimate of the cost applicable to your hair-loss. but you can e mail photos in good light from all angles using a white or plain wall for the background and send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a more accurate and precise price.

Special care post-treatment products are included in the price of your Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment.

"You never ever have to look bald ever again"! Those days are gone forever.

This is the Ultimate solution to change and  Enhance your image for good

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