Step-by-step consultation regarding Scalp Micropigmentation

In the first consultation that you will have with our technicians, the following points will be addressed:

  • What is scalp micropigmentation?
  • What are the results you can expect? If it is possible, our technicians will show you photos of other works that they themselves have done and that the patient has authorised.
  • How many sessions will be conducted in your specific case, including the allergy test?
  • What does the Allergy Test entail?
  • How long the treatment will last and future adjustments.
  • The care that you should take before and after the treatment.
  • Possible complications and contraindications that the treatment could have.
  • The informed consent signature: our obligation as a centre with the norms in effect and your right as a client.
  • The collection of contact data and other data: name, surname(s), address, phone, e-mail, social networks, if you use our forum, how you have learnt about us, if you would like to receive our latest news.
  • Data regarding the state of health: if you are taking any medication, state of health, if you have made any implants, if you have any scars, if you are following any treatment or taking any medicine for hair loss, lotions, the colour of your skin or your scalp.
  • Information about health issues that require a doctor's report, special care.
  • Our photography protocol: we are going to take photographs of each of the steps of the treatment to be able to create a clinic file for you that is as complete as possible. This will be of great help to us for the realisation of each one of the sessions and for future treatments. These photographs will be kept in a completely confidential manner, complying with the most rigorous requirements of the Law on Data Protection.
  • Estimated budget; we can give you a price estimate only when we know all your needs. Moreover, we will have special discount programs for those who take part in sharing their experience or collaborating in the training of our technicians.
  • All the data that will be collected from this first contact will be included in a file for the goal of getting in touch with you in order to respond to requests. By collecting this data, we can keep our system of traceability, which goes from the first contact until the finalisation of the treatment. Thanks to this system, we can make an evaluation of the attention that you get, the quality of the treatment and your degree of satisfaction.
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